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See Ya!

Welp! We're headed to LA today! Marlowe will be here holding down the fort, haha. Well, with the help of family of course. We wanted to bring her, but the trip is SO short that it just seemed silly to drag her there and back, have her miss one of the very last days of preschool, and go through the jet lag and all that BS, you know?

I'm super excited about the trip. But/and super nervous about sleep--- haha, oh man, I'm old. We'll see if I make it through the weekend without coffee. It's just that I require SO much sleep now to function. Nine hours is my preferred amount. And with a mostly overnight flight? (both ways). Well, we'll just see how it goes. But like I said, I'm excited! I put together a whole map of restaurants, of course. And a few shops. I'm very much looking forward to seeing a bunch of people-- and wishing I had more time to see even more people and more often. But I guess, there's always next time. As of now, the plan is to run around downtown on friday, brunch on saturday, wedding sunday evening, and venice area on monday before our flight home that evening. A eating in the spaces between those events. Thats a rough outline. A rough outline that doesn't sound very exciting... ay? haha.

I'm actually sitting here looking for flights back to California-- for the following week. I'm super bummed because the prices keep going up. They went back down a bit two days ago, I stalled, and then boom, up an additional 200$ this week. I'm playing that game where I debate "do I book now or do I wait some more and hope they go back down instead of up?" it's always so difficult to decide, right?!

I found amazingly cheap flights to Paris yesterday. I'm usually REALLY good at finding travel deals. Alex says I should be a travel agent since I get so excited looking for all this stuff. Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe I'll just plan another india trip, yah?

OH, so I photographed two recipes today! I'll be editing soon and then posting. One savory (that eggplant one a lot of you guys asked about!!) and one sweet. Both healthy and delicious! I actually did two recipes yesterday and the photo's disappeared off my SD card!!! I wanted to cry. They were so SO pretty. But you can't cry over missing dessert photos, you know? So I just re-did one of the desserts today--- and ate dessert twice. Win/win?

Ooof! If you can't tell, I'm more battered brained than usually right now. I've been running around like crazy. For the first time ever I think I'm looking forward to the flight because its going to force me to sit and CHILL OUT. But honestly, I'm super thankful that I'm running around like this-- it feels like ages since I've been able to do it. Feels like my old self again-- except this time I'm going to keep reminding myself to take breaks. And on that note, it's my break time. I'm off to finish everything and hopefully find a minute to relax! Can't wait to share those recipes with you guys!

Have a great weekend, friends!

***ps. i stole this photo from my friend, Lauren. how rad is it?! you can check out her IG here if you want :) 

A Little More Sustainable

Have you guys heard of thredUP?! If you haven't I'm preeeety sure you're going to be excited to hear about them now. I mean, I was for sure. Because even though I'm not the most fashion-y person, I still do like to get some new clothes from time to time. Especially since I lost so much weight this year and like, 95% of my pants don't fit me--- but thats another topic for another day.

So anyway, thredUP--- it's basically second hand shopping, online-- which means I get to go thrifting for clothes-- but in a much more organized, clean and stress free way :) And you can sort the clothes by size or brand-- so you're not sorting through racks and racks of stuff hoping to find one thing that fits.

It's just that for me, I understand fashion and I totally understand how wearing something new feels nice (trust me, I get it), but at the same time, being over consumed with fashion doesn't necessarily do good things for the earth--- most of the time anyway. I like thredUP because you still get new (to you) clothes-- which still have that *yay I got something new* quality, but are waaaay more sustainable because they're second hand.

Our culture is going through a lot of clothing with these quick fashion trends lately-- you know? And while I don't think its completely terrible to buy new clothes (I've probably bought more new clothes in the past three months than i have in the past three years), I do think it's best to try to make conscious choices about the clothes we make. I've talked about this in the past you know-- you guys liked this post. And if the environment isn't a reason to consider buying second hand, then what about your poor wallet? thredUp offers 90% off retails prices! Everything from Madewell, Micheal Kors, Levis-- whatever you're looking for basically!

I prefer online shopping to begin with-- but it's super rad to be able to shop like this. And then TADA, a few days later, everything shows up in a nice little box at your door! I bought myself three pairs of pants and a madewell top. The Madewell top would have retailed somewhere around 80-90$ but was only 25$ on thredUP :) The blue patterned pants (also Madewell) will probably have to wait until fall/winter comes back around, but the patched jeans have been my go to around here lately. The patched jeans are Point Sur Denim-- which to be honest I hadn't heard of before, but are somewhere around 200$ bucks a pair! I got them for 47$ :) I seriously wouldn't have bought another pair of jeans for a long time--- because i typically hate jeans hopping so much--- even though I need to (really only have one fitting pair)-- but this was just too easy!

You can even send out your own old clothes to sell on thredUP too :)

Some fun secondhand facts:
-thredUP has upcycled 14,009,055 items as of the end of 2015
-Every Clean Out Bag sent to thredUP keeps 206lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, saves 17,916 gallons of water, and keeps 24 items out of landfills.

Want a discount?!? 
Get 40% off your entire first-time order by clicking HERE and using code "DREA40"
*offer expires in 7 days. discount up to 50$

Hooray! Happy environmentally safe, money saving, shopping, friends! 

Favorite Cookbooks Lately

So we have a decently sized cookbook collection, yah? Most are Alex's-- and it's mostly a ton of bread books. I buy cookbooks here and there-- but I'll be honest, a lot of time it's based on how they look! I'll also be honest and tell you a lot of them (even the ones I purchased) are not vegan! I feel like people use cookbooks one of two ways--- either as a line by line recipe resource or as a general idea book. For me, cookbooks are a good source of inspiration, not necessarily an exact guide :) So for me, it doesn't matter so much if the book or recipe is vegan-- I can gather an idea and create my own recipe based on what vegan ingredients I have and what I want :)

But anyway, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite cookbooks lately. Some are vegan, some are vegetarian, some are not. I'll tell you what's what though-- just in case. Maybe you already have a lot of these cookbooks--- maybe you don't have any-- but hopefully you find some cooking or gift buying inspiration here :)

How To Cook Everything Vegetarian-
the name gives it away, it's a vegetarian book-- obviously. I actually haven't opened this book in quite some time, but it's always one of the number one books I recommend for new cooks. Everything from detailed recipes to how to simply roast/steam/boil your favorite veggies. I'd totally suggest it for people who feel overly intimidated by cooking or newlywed couples too :)

this book isn't vegan or vegetarian but we like it because most of the flavor profiles in the book are found right here in south florida. Mangoes, coconuts, bananas, all the good stuff. Recipes and spices we love and use often. It's authored by the owners of Hartwood, the restaurant in Tulum. But most of the ingredients can be found in most supermarkets-- so don't be too worried about the tropical-ness of it. Its a good book, and super beautiful. And for the most part the recipes are pretty straight forward and simple too. I'd say a good amount of the dishes are vegetable or fish based-- not much dairy at all--- and pretty easy to make vegan as needed.

An Israeli cookbook. Alex has been referencing this book a lot lately-- and I'm not mad about it at all! IT's been pretty delicious! There's a good mix of meat and non-meat dishes. We tried the hummus recipe lately which calls for cooking the chickpeas--something we've never done for hummus and it was mighty good-- I also fermented the chickpeas a bit with gave it this interesting kick I really enjoyed. There's also stuff like tabouli, flatbread, tons of salads. It's good!

Mexico: The Cookbook-
I've mentioned this book before-- I wanted to buy it for Alex (because it's freaking hot pink!)-- but then I put it on hold for later. And wouldn't you know it, a week later Alex went to a book store and came home with it! We obviously know each other pretty well, haha. It's beautiful and pretty good for authentic Mexican cooking without being overly intimidating. I'd totally buy it for anyone who likes mexican food.

In Her Kitchen-
I actually found this book in my friend Hailey's amazing ethical fair-trade /handcrafted/ all the good stuff shop. And I was like, "omg what is this, I need this!" It's not vegan AT ALL. It's actually probably one of the least vegan book's we own, but it is so freaking cool. It's a collection of grandmas from around the world-- in their kitchens, sharing their favorite recipes. Not only are the recipes super interesting, but it's so neat to see all the different home kitchens of these women. Yeah, a lot of the recipes aren't exactly practical--- like the iguana dish, but still, I'd totally buy it for any food and travel loving friends. Don't worry though, the iguana lady says the hardest part of the iguana recipe is actually catching the iguana. I believe it. We have them all over our neighborhood and they are large, scary, and FAST.

Everyday Superfood-
Jamie Oliver is the best, man. We have all his books and this one might be one of my favorites. He keeps it low-ish on the sugar (still a lot of natural sugar through, IMO), with loads of veggies and a good amount of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. Marlowe and I enjoy going through his book to find things to make together for sure.

Peace and Parsnips-
I actually JUST got this one. It's completely vegan, yay! I haven't made anything from it yet-- but there are a lot of things I would def. eat in it. It's super similar to our way of cooking at home/my cookbook-- but maybe less geared to whole family cooking? Honestly, I feel like the author might be more or less a male version of me, haha. Loads of curries and hearty vegan dishes-- not just rabbit food. And I don't think I noticed any store bought mock meat in the book at all either-- hooray! Just some homemade mock sausages and things-- which I personally wouldn't really make--- but never say never, maybe I'll end up trying them one day on a rainy day!

Raw Vegan Not Gross-
I already mentioned this cookbook this month-- but it's officially released now--- and still super good. Maybe Marlowe's favorite cookbook lately. She likes to go through and see what sort of healthy desserts she might want :) She keeps referencing the iced brownies. Vegan, GF, and mostly raw. But even though most recipes are mostly draw she offers cooking directions for a dehydrator and if you don't have a dehydrator too. Which is good because even though I want a dehydrator I still haven't bought one---cause I have no where to put it ;)

The Plantiful Table-
DUH. The best cookbook ever, right? :) Easy, family friendly recipes for vegans and non vegans ;) Go get it.

Hooray! You can also check out my favorite natural living books as well as Marlowe's favorite books-- and even coloring books too. :)

Also, I've babbled way too much on snapchat today-- but I've been chatting with my friend Hailey while writing this post (I'm going to get to hang out with her in 5 days in LA--yay!) but we just mentioned doing a little joint giveaway tomorrow. Win my cookbook and one from her shop on instagram! Hooray! You guys know my instagram, @ohdeardrea, but follow along with her beautiful shop's instagram too, @habitation_co.

Alright friends, I hope your week is going well. it's currently a bit rainy over here today-- but we had a great weekend, so I can't complain :) Happy tuesday, friends!

Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

we went to a pottery place with laura. marlowe's came out great. mine looks like a 7 year old painted it. #soclose

green stuff.

smoothie mornings. thats her preferred breakfast spot.

dominos. marlowe is pretty good. 

this is my preferred zen out spot, until we spruce up the back ;) 

apparently her and I have a thing for zen-ing out in swing chairs?

flowers from my mama. she's the best. 

i just love everything she does.  also, we cleaned up these shelves the other day-- no one would notice the changes we made, but we think it looks a lot cleaner! this photo is pre-organizing, if you're wondering :) 

these are a few of my favorite things. favorite oatmeal, mango flowers!?! coconuts from neighbors yard, guava and limes from our yard and eggs from our ladies! <3<3<3

me and my friend. my weird, sticky, bubble-gummy friend. 

How was everyone's weekend?! Mine has been pretty good! I'm scrambling like crazy to try to get as much done as I can before our trip this week. It's been a hectic week- but in a good way. I'm doing an instagram takeover next weekend that I'm super excited about-- with a company that I've been using and obsessed with for six+ years! I love blogging for stuff like that-- I'm constantly being introduced to new companies I wouldn't have otherwise heard of--- that I get to fall in love with. But also, I get to work with companies that I've loved for so long. I'm super grateful for all of it. Seriously, it's one of my favorite parts-- besides meeting amazing people and lifelong friends!

Alright friends, I'm off to scramble some more-- I'm going to get ALL the things done, emails answered, and I need to prep a bunch of meals for Marlowe to eat while we're gone. Well, I don't have to do that-- but I like to do it! She enjoys it more and it makes it easier for family :) 

Have a wonderful week, friends! 

Rain Or Shine

There's a line from a song that often runs through my head, "life is like the weather baby, there ain't no guarantees." So simple, but so true you know? The weather affects me easily-- too easily. I mean, I left college and moved across the country because I was os depressed with the weather! I mean, now looking back I'm realizing it was probably my diet too, but thats a topic for another day. Either way, the weather brought me DOWN. So much cold, so much rain. I love and loved Rhode Island, but man, I should have known better and chosen a college in the south, you know? Yeah, there's a lot of rain here too--- but a lot of sun (usually) and warmth to counter it. And for me, that makes the tropical rain and gloom a lot more tolerable.

I guess the thing is, that even though it is more tolerable, I'm trying to not only live with the rain, but I want embrace it too. It's part of my home and thats not changing anytime soon. Just the way that the northerners embrace the snow and do (crazy) things like skiing and snowboarding (and whatever else you cold loving people to do in the snow), I'm trying to stop looking at the rain as an obstacle, but instead, a joy that comes with Florida.

Change your mind, change your life.

I mean, it's hard. Even as I write this I'm trying to remind myself that the rain might be here this weekend and cancel every single one of my beach and work plans-- but that'll somehow be okay.

Better than okay, ya?

If this past year has taught me anything (besides massive amounts of patience), it's that I can either choose to feel bad about all the aches and pains and hard times or I can push through and make the best out of everyday--- even on the days I don't feel my best. And/or on the days I feel my worst. I'll never, ever feel the way I did before I got sick, but that doesn't mean I can't live some other version of an amazing life. I keep saying it, but if anything, I learned a lot through sickness. Sure, it sucked more than anything I've ever had to deal with, but I learned a lot. I've learned to love and live in the bad times. And I want to learn to love and live in the rain-- embrace it. Because life is good and life is short, rain or shine.

As mentioned, we have a ton of outdoor plans this weekend (most of them being sunshine specific), we'll see how those go. But many activities, even outdoor ones can happen in the rain and should happen in the rain. Either way, I'm looking forward to hopefully being super productive, to kick butts and take names--- or however the saying goes.

And you guys probably know this, but I'm a jelly shoe loving queen. I mean, when Marlowe and I went on the cruise with Laura a year and a half ago--- we had maybe seven pairs of jellies between the three of us??! They're just so damn convenient. Especially with the summer rain or in possible muddy situations. They rinse right off! Rain boots don't always work well with all the heat, but open breathable jellies in the rain (or shine)? Magic. I teamed up with Zappos + Crocs-- and I'm not going to lie--- I really agreed to do it once I realized Crocs had this amazing jelly shoe option! Haha. I had no idea these shoes existed prior to the campaign-- but I'm sure happy I know now! They are by far the most comfortable and supportive pair of jellies I own. And Marlowe hasn't taken hers off since we got them in two weeks ago. She's already asking if she can get another (pink) pair when she outgrows these. Happy to see all the different Croc styles there are now. SO much more than the original version I always thought of ;)  I wrote about Zappos a week or so ago-- but man Zappos is convenient. Free shipping, great return policy, just super easy all around.

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend. Filled with loads of fun, love, and happiness---- rain or shine. Thanks for being here friends. Happy friday! 

Garden Goods

We've had some pretty good weather this last month in florida. Really good. Too good to be true even.  I like to think it was Florida's way of making up for the extremely rainy winter. But now its coming to an end. The humidity and rain are rolling back in. I'm hoping to get as much time in our space (front yard and back) before it gets unbearable. Maybe I'll dig myself a pool. No, I'm kidding, I wish. Our garden ended up majorly overgrown this year-- but we've still had some really good things come out of it. One tomato plant ended put taking over the entire yard and Alex wanted me to cut it up and clear it out and I was like, "NO WAY BUDDY"-- and I'm grateful I didn't listen. Him and I agree on most things, but we have VERY different gardening styles. Not going to lie, it can be aggravating. I'm like, "save all the plants!!!" and he's like "chop chop chop chop, yank out chop" grrr. Haha. But we manage. And our garden manages and provides us with loads of goodies, so it all works out in the end.

We had major issues with hornworm on the tomatoes last year. This year we have loads of birds flying in to collect their free hornworm dinner. Thank you birds! The little yellow tomatoes are the sweetest thing ever. I've had buckets and buckets of them come in from the one plant. And I've made sum much roasted salsa. It's been delicious.

Loads of these guys. Not too sure what we're going to do with them--- I'm thinking to attach them all to our back fence.

papayas! I just showed these guys on my snapchat garden tour the other day (ohdeardrea on there too). Did you know that almost all conventional papaya is GMO? It's true. And weird, right? Like, why GMO papayas??! That seems like the silliest food to turn into toxic garbage, right? The only reason I can think of is because they're using so many to make enzyme supplements? But I don't know about that. Anyway, stay away from conventional papayas--- and corn and soy-- it's all poison for your body. I'm excited for my slow growing papayas to be ready! See my favorite papaya using breakfast: HERE
Peas, okra, and so many little root buds. I like okra a lot-- but to behest, I like it better when someone else prepares it for me. Like my friend Uzma--- she fries to real good. And fresh peas? Meh. I can take or leave em. I like the pureed, like the recipe in my cookbook, but otherwise I'm apathetic about peas. See one of my favorite simple at home okra recipes HERE.

Messy garden love. Our outdoor picnic bench that was once our dining room tables moved outdoor-- and hasn't weathered the weather too well. I love it anyway. Our moringa tree is completely overgrown right now, which helps provide a bit of shade to the space for lunch though-- which is super nice.

our ladies--- doing their thing. I wish they liked me more. They still seem scared of me and I'm like "don't worry ladies. I love you, I won't eat you!" Maybe one day they'll love me if I give them enough snacks :) And bananas! I've actually been eating bands more. Always the plantains-- but I haven't minded the bananas taste as much when they're frozen and in desserts and things. At 31, I'm learning to like a new food. Sort of. The smell of a ripe bands being eaten next to me is still AWFUL. haha.

nasturtiums are so pretty, aren't they?!  And cabbage too. beauties. 

this is our first year growing cabbage, and overall it went really well! Some of them got a bit infested with ants, but for the most part we've had loads of yummy cabbage to eat! hooray! 

guavas! we've had more guavas this year than any other year. I think it may be one of my favorite trees for sure. 
chickens being chicken. 

me, looking tough collecting chicken eggs. jerry thinking they're a ball to play with and wanting in. Alex said "it looks like you should be working at a farmers market in this outfit" I'll take that as a compliment. shirt / pants/ shoes.
make your own stepping stone diy HERE.


cutest carrots! find a really, really easy and delicious roasted carrot recipe HERE. last but not least, chicken salad. salad for my chickens. haha. I'm so funny--- or not funny at all. whatever. but for reals, I've loved having chickens to give scraps too. Jerry is great for some leftovers-- but def. not all. Chickens can get all the extra roughage we don't eat-- they're happy and I'm happy. Yay for chicken salad.

Alright friends, I'm off to run a bunch of errands and if the sun ever comes out today, then to finally photograph that eggplant recipe I've been promising! Hope you're having a good week!