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A Day In Boston

Hi friends! How are you?! We're home! I was planning on coming home and being super productive before Alex got home from work but we got delayed and then delayed again and didn't get home till like 1:30 in the morning! The good news is--- it didn't feel like that long of delay, not for me at least. For my brother and sister in law, with two kids (one being baby), I'm sure it felt longer. But we all got through it. It's definitely super interesting to fly home with three kids and three adults as opposed to just me and M. Oh, if you guys have headphone recommendations, that'd be great. Mine broke somehow on this trip (they just stopped working) and I got some on the flight, but most of the little plug ones don't fit in my ears! I never though I had small ears, but I guess I do ;)

Our garden looks pretty good at home! We're in an okra and papaya jungle right now! I'm still trying to figure out what and when I should be eating.... been researching, reading, and thinking like crazy. Though, I do all those things anyway. But I'm excited for all our growing things.

Alright, well, I'm going to spend a few hours with this family today before Alex heads to work! Here are some photos from our day in Boston last week :) It was a fun and sweaty day for sure.

Hey Hey Hey

Hey hey guys! How are you?! I cannot believe that we're flying home today (tuesday)! I thought this time in Massachusetts would be a lot longer, but man, it went by fast! Also, side note: Marlowe is currently reading every single word I'm writing over my shoulder. It's so crazy to have her be able to read EVERYTHING. Ev-er-y-thinggggg. Time went by fast for that too! In my head it was about a year ago that I got pregnant and had her popping out of me and now, BAM here we are with her being able to read everything I'm writing.

So yeah, this trip was fast. I didn't do a lot of the things I had planned for, but we still did a good bit, I saw a lot of the people I wanted to see (but definitely not everyone), and I got some good ole' R&R in. I'm glad I finally got to the point that I see downtime as valuable time. Quiet time used to drive me nuts, I would be so much of a go go go-- but now if the weather is nice and there's a breeze, Im happy to count downtime as super important, must schedule time. There's really no reason we all need to overload ourselves. Life is short, you know?

Thing I didn't accomplish this trip: creating a recipe for the blog, meditation at the buddhist temple, finishing both my books, going for long walks, taking bubble baths, snap chatting my moms face a lot, yoga, and on and on and on. But that's okay! I did: read a good deal of one of my books, sorted through thousands of photos (though not all of them, I only made it to 2014) to print and delete, had a baby goat fall asleep on my lap, and so on.... so I feel accomplished, you know?

OH and one thing I did do--- that I forgot to mention was I did my MRI and I got back the results. I didn't speak to the doctor yet about it, but honestly I dont plan to. I can read the report enough to know that my tumor was measure just a tad smaller than the report from a year ago. And whether it's smaller or exactly the same, I'm content. And I do want to believe it's getting smaller-- and that over the next few years I can make it go away completely. Part of me never wants to step in a doctors appt again, part of me whats to get an MRI five years from now just to see if I shrunk it more. We'll see where I'm at and how I emotionally feel about it five years from now. So yeah, that's some good stuff right now.

But yeah, this trip has been good. I have a load of photos to share. Especially a ton of selfie photos involving me and that baby goat ;) The weather was hot, but I'm still grateful to be in a place where the windows could still be open much of the time. Speaking of which, I can't believe I'll be in Guatemala in one week! Well, a week and two days or something... but so soon! My goal for when we get home is try to see Alex as much as we can... though it looks like he'll be working a lot, get a lot of quiet downtime, see some friends, answer my emails, finish sorting through photos, maybe go to my favorite foot reflexology place, eat some mangoes, and just overall keep feeling better everyday.

This week I have a 'what marlowe eats coming' up, a (super healthy) recipe, baby goat photos, our magical rhode island getaway photos, and whatever else. Well, this week is already flying by, but I have all the planned and ready :) Speaking of healthy recipes, do you guys have a preference to recipes? Healthy savory meals? Healthy sweet stuff? I feel like I asked this before and the answer was more dinner stuff... but I could be wrong. Always feel free to let me know!

Also, these photos were all from our day trip to Brimfield for their giant antique fair. We didn't buy much. I bought a ring (to make up for the collection of rings I lost in the break in we had a while back) and a poster for Marlowe. I could have really dug through the clothes but it was hard in the (unexpected heat) and with miss. Marlowe. Maybe next year.

I hope you guys have an amazing week! Happy tuesday!

(shirt / jeans / shoes / sunglasses / bag / marlowe dress)

Messy Happy Plants (Tiny Bedroom Changes)

So I'm totally going to spoil my dining room reveal with these pictures--- but that's okay! Full dining room tour coming soon-- but in the meantime, how do you like the green?! So intense, right?! We like the change-- and are always happy to make little changes around the home. Not big ones like rearranging everything-- we don't mess with that, but little changes here and there to mix things up :) Especially in the summer heat-- sometimes you just gotta work on indoor projects to release your mind from going insane in the heat, ya know? :)

My friends at method challenged us to make a mess in our space--- and not to fear the mess. This was easier for some of us in the ohdeardrea household and a hell of a lot more challenging for some. Easy for me, a nightmare for Alex, haha. It used to be super hard for me to let go and not fear the mess--- but I've gotten A LOT better over the past year and a half. Anyway, they asked, and it wasn't too hard from to get down and dirty-- I think the hard part was just having Alex actually around to document the mess. He's normally at work when all the messy stuff happens :)

Speaking of Alex though--- he freaking loves the method all-purpose lavender spray. I swear to you, he goes out of his way to buy it. I'm happy with it cause method is a great earth-friendly option. They are plant based (not chemical based). The factory is run on wind and solar energy. Some of the their product containers are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastics--- while some, get this, are 50% post-consumer recycled plastics and 50% ocean recovered plastics. amazing, right? (You can read about that HERE if you're interested). So yeah, he loves method because of how it cleans our home (and how it smells) and I love method because they're a pretty bad-ass eco-friendly company in this pretty un-earth-friendly world. (You go, method!)

Anyway, back to our messy home... I've had this glass wall vases floating around for a while now and decided that it was finally time to put some plants in them and hang them on the wall. It was a(n unbearably) hot and muggy day outside, so it was perfect for home messes, ya know?

I had a little help from my super cute. five year old. 

And boy oh boy did we make a mess. Like, I totally get that this could look staged like, "oh drea is talking about getting messy so she dumped dirt on her table to prove a point." Wrong, not what happened. What happened was that Marlowe picked up the plant and dirt and a few ants crawled out and she FREAKED out and dumped the plant on the table, haha. So yeah, things got messy.

She scurried away to let me do the job myself-- some help she was, right? 

I finished up the plants and the vases got hung to the wall and the tiny planter got a string hanger and went to the window curtain. Super cute, right? I still feel like a dangly plant in the corner would be nice-- though I'm not sure if there is enough light directly in the corner.

There's that little guy, to the left. 

And then miss Marlowe saw me spraying the table-- so she of course ran back to spray. I don't know if you guys remember, but she's always been the biggest neat freak. For as long as she could walk and talk she would ask to spray and clean the table, her desk, counters, whatever. Gotta love a little neat freak. So we did it--- a super easy (and great) home improvement project. We made a mess and no one died. Then we cleaned it up with a super safe and eco-friendly bottle of Method that we all love (for wonderful reasons). Not so bad for a hot and muggy day in Florida :)

I hope you guys all had a wonderful week! I can't believe our Massachusetts trip is already coming to an end. Or it feels that way anyway--- just four days left. Where has the time gone? I feel like we just got here! The good news is, only 13 more days until Guatemala! eeeeeeee! Happy friday, friends!

*this post is sponsored by method

Just A Tiny Box

Hi friends, how are you?!

I'm good. Though a bit moody to be quite honest. I finally went through with my MRI follow up for the brain tumor they found a year and a half ago. I did a good job listening to the "you should follow up in three months" recommendation, right? It's just that I'm so tired of the medical system and hospitals and the tests that seem more harmful than beneficial, ya know? Tired of it. I stepped away from the brain scan and out of hospital saying "never again." At his point, I'm 100% certain that I know my body and how to handle it, 1,000% better than any doctor--- especially the doctors that pay ZERO attention to food and just hand out drugs. There is not one drug out there that doesn't create another problem (i.e. side effect) after taking it. No thanks. But I am happy I got the MRI out of the way. I wont have to question it anymore. I can get the results and move on--- and continue healing myself-- the way my body is intended and designed to heal.

I actually decided that I'm going to do a pretty big diet change soon. After all our travels. I'm nervous and excited. I've been reading some pretty intense books on gut healing and healing in general and I feel like it's worth a shot. An even more natural diet wont harm me, so why not? I'll write more about it later and document it along the way--- come september.
Anyway, I came here to write something else. A thank you and a HEY, HOWS IT GOING YOU PEOPLE WHO READ THIS! You know, to check in.

So hey.

While in San Francisco, Nicolle took us to this little green house that apparently everyone takes pictures of and posts on instagram. Cool. I get it, I've seen the photos, it's the prettiest thing. But when we got there and she showed me (I didn't realize we were going there), I had no idea what she was even showing me! She explained and I was like, "oh, thats it?! It's so tiny!" Still beautiful of course, but tiny. Way more tiny than instagram had ever led on. It just got me thinking a lot about what we see on social media vs. what real is. Ya know? I know this conversation comes up a lot these days-- everyone out there question authenticity lately--- which lets be honest, is totally justified. We dont need to have the conversation here too. I get it, all that can and should be questioned. But I don't want to talk about what looks real and what doesn't-- at least not in terms of social media and other people. I want to talk about it here in my space. I dont want to be like that tiny green house. Well, maybe I do since it's adorable and people go out of their way to find it, haha-- but I dont want people to find me and be like "whoa thats not what I expected" Ya know?

(I mean, I am extremely tiny, but I think you guys know that.)

But I want you to always come here and find me. The real me. Not some curated images of what I want you to think I look like. I've always been super honest, pour my heart out here-- but struggling to show my face in pictures. But I've been working on it! I want to say that snapchat has helped me come out of hiding-- and it totally has (I said this before too)-- but I can't say it has completely, since I still like to filter my face on there--- but the filters are the best! haha. I do always and every day strive to live by "what you see is what you get." Honest to a fault. Sure I can't talk about absolutely everything on here-- like other peoples personal issues, like with family and such (though, I'd like to!), but you know, I gotta respect other people too. But I will always be open and honest about myself. And I think you guys know this-- but you can always ask me anything. Usually email, snapchat, and twitter seem to be best for that-- since things get very easily lost on instagram, but yeah, ask away. I mean, you guys do--- I get questions about my boobs, poop, sex, all the things-- and I totally don't mind. I'd be in the wrong business if I minded people getting to know me, ya know?

I'm an open book--- but an interactive one, haha.

I'm not perfect, far from it-- but I'm happy to share what I know and what I've learned. I'm just squeezing out all the mind grapes I have flowing in my head-- and hoping in some way it benefits someone--- either with knowledge, enjoyment, companionship, reliability, sheer entertainment, or anything else.

do it. 

a photo of my no make up face and my mexican sister by marlowe. 

Well, my computer is acting out like crazy and I've been fighting a headache since my MRI yesterday so I'm going to go ahead sign out. But I just wanted to check in-- if you guys ever want to know more, see more, whatever, just let me know! You guys are aware of this, but a reminder can't hurt--- there is a human behind this screen--- one that totally gives a shit about a lot of things-- and being here and present in real life and in this space is one of them :) Just say hi! I don't bite--- and even though I can have a RBF from time to time, I'm actually a super nice person-- I think most would agree :)

Anyway, I hope you're having a good week! I have a house decorating post coming up next <3<3


ps. my blogger account is acting up too-- so forgive me if I hit publish and this post looks like a child put it together. I'm just hoping the photos show up as they should! <3

Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things In California

Just a few moments in California... you know... that were enjoyed <3
(tank, pants, shoes, hat, sunglasses)

breakfast. I swear I go to bed dreaming about breakfast.
(and yes, I eat the skin on the kiwi. it's good fiber. well, unless I get a kiwi with super thick skin, but the thinner skinned ones are good!)

ocean love. so much ocean love.
(shirt, shorts, bag)

sunny backyard hangs. 

ethiopian food loving. See the rest of what she ate on the trip: HERE. 

I ate so many of these things off Nicolle's tree! So good!

We almost always get asked if we're related. I would absolutely think that she is me from behind if she had longer hair.
(tank, pants)

the tiniest pool. 

more breakfast love. can't wait to eat my ripe papayas at home! 

little artist. 

they played a lot. me and audrey napped a lot. I'm lucky. 

garden and stained glass window love. 

the brightest sun and ice-cream dates. <3<3<3

Also, I don't know if you guys noticed--- maybe some of you have, but I basically recycle the same few clothes over and over again. I'm doing my best to link things for you guys and realized I only really have ten items of clothes saved to link, haha! I've said it before, but I'm not an ideal fashion blogger over here-- haha. I just don't like buying excess clothes--- I' happy to easy tops and jeans everyday :) 

We went down to Rhode Island this weekend--- it was a load of fun :) Can't wait to put the pictures on my computer :) Oh speaking of which--- I want to clear out space on this old laptop-- which means I should finally go through my pictures and choose some to print-- do you guys have a company you'd recommend? Or best way to do it? I've been putting it off for years-- but I really need to! I'm looking for good quality prints, not excessively priced :) 

Happy tuesday, friends! 

Vegan Mango (Cardamom) Ice Cream Recipe

Hi friends! Is it how where you are? Man, I hate to complain about the heat since I just left Florida to escape it-- but man it's hot here in Massachusetts today--- especially with no AC. I'm literally sitting here with a bag of ice on my feet to try to cool down--- wishing hardcore that I had some ice cream. But alas, my mother has no ice-cream maker here. Do you have an ice cream maker? If you do, I highly recommend you give this recipe a try!

So it's mango season back in Florida--- you know, the most magical time of the year. When everything is sweet and delicious and *magical*. When everyone around is handing out mangos like it's their job-- because they grow everywhere, on every corner. It's magic.

We've been eating mango in our oatmeal, in our yogurt, making mango smoothies (recipe in cookbook), mango everything. All of it is delicious, but for me, the best thing, 100% hands down is the mango ice cream. And the thing is-- it's actually not that bad for you! Loaded in fruit sugar, yes, but otherwise, super natural and not junky at all. I think it's actually healthy enough to qualify as a breakfast friendly meal ;)

our lime tree has been going nuts too! and the neighbors avocados are growing like crazy--- need to get into some of that action when it's time too ;)

So you wanna make mango ice-cream at home? It's easy, super delicious, and it's ridiculously quick too.

you'll need:
-4 cups cut mango*, room temperature
-1 cup room temperature coconut milk
-1/4 cup coconut butter
-1 whole bean of vanilla (with the vanilla scraped out of the bean of course)
-1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom (optional, but quite enjoyed!)
-pinch of salt
-squeeze of lime (juice from about half a lime should be good)

how to: 
-in blender, mix coconut butter, vanilla, cardamom, salt.
-once well mixed, add in lime juice, mango, coconut milk, and blend.
-add to your ice-cream maker and freeze to your desired consistency.

*not sure how to cut a mango? see a super easy tutorial here!

And that's it! Ridiculously, easy right?!

ps. So whats up with the extra coconut butter? Well the secret to making super delicious ice cream is loads of fat and loads of sugar. Luckily coconut is obviously not bad for you! And mango is high enough in sugar and obviously sweet enough so that you don't have to add in any extra sugar :) So you're good! Don't be scared of the extra coconut butter :) You'll be fine, I swear!

Alright friends, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Our week/weekend was super good. Alex is back home now and I don't have to many plans for up here. Just going here and there and making more food. Hoping to put together another recipe or two while I'm up here. I hope you guys try out this recipe and absolutely love it :)

Happy monday!