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Bonjour From France!

Hello friends! How are you?! How was your weekend?! I'm pooped! In the best way of course. This weekend was nothing short of magical-- just like I knew it would be. Alex and I spent the first day wandering around Paris and the second day making our way to Dijon. And we've spent that last three days celebrating my dear friend Brittany--- who I love in indescribable amounts. I say it all the time-- but she is the most unique and wonderful person I've ever met. I seriously want to cry when I think about how amazing she is and how lucky I am to have her as my friend.

We've been taking a good amount of photos, eating a bit of everything (even bread and wine for me---- oops), and walking and dancing A LOT. It's been a really good time. We have three more days to spend in Paris. We're still in Dijon now, but taking the train back tomorrow (monday). If you have any last minute recommendations of places to see in Paris, please do let me know! The last few things on our to-list are: the grand mosque, the botanical garden, and a few more bakeries-- even a gluten free one for me....... maybe. My stomach has been saying "drea, please stop with the empty carbs, I need more vegetables please"-- so we'll see what happens ;) Either way, I'll be making it a point to give my stomach extra healthy love when I get home.

I'm missing the kiddo for sure. And I know she's missing us. Cant wait to snuggle with her when we get back. I offered her presents of wine and mustard-- but apparently she doesn't care for either ;) Anyway, I should get to bed-- we've spent the last two nights partying and dancing A LOT. It's been so much fun--- a real blast.

Have a wonderful week, friends!

ps. if you look closely you can see my hair wrap poking out under my hair. yes, it's still there. I'm super cool. how long can you keep these things in for anyway?

dress / sunglasses

So Much Fruit Love

Happy friday, friends! how are you? As I write this, I’m about 30,000 ft up (give or take) on our way to Paris. I did pretty well on the over night flight. I think I slept maybe 3 hours on the flight?! Impressive for me. Alex and I are looking forward to exploring the markets of France, but to be quite honest, I’m not as excited as I would be if, say we were in Mexico or Guatemala. Tropical fruit rules my heart... and my gut... and my life. But still, I’m always happy to try a new berry or whatever else ;) So speaking of fruit, I know you guys enjoyed my last giant fruit post I did a few months back—- so since then I’ve been collecting photos of more tropical fruits in our area to share with you guys. We’re seriously so incredibly lucky to have so many amazing fruits growing right in our own neighborhood and so many right next door. So so so so lucky.

jackfruit growing in the neighborhood. 

and inside jackfruit. man, this fruit is a dinosaur beast. Sticky icky. The latex doesn't come off! But mmm it tastes like the most delicious bubble gum.  

guanoabana and some mangoes. 

Florida avocados. 

mangoes, we love you. 

okay fine, garlic is an herb and not a fruit, but look how big this guy is!

longons, dragon fruit, passionfruit. 

chocolate pudding fruit. aka black sapote. 

plantain love

backyard guavas. 

avocados, papayas, and marlowe's favorite: rambutans. 

weekly load. 

Did you know approximately 30 million Americans live in food deserts? Aka live in areas without easy access to quality fresh fruits and vegetables? That’s crazy! I mean, even my friend Lauren who moved to Ohio was telling me she’s lucky if she can find a variety of greens in her neighborhood supermarket. As someone who lives primarily off vegetables (and more and more fruits these days), I find that so difficult— difficult to understand and difficult to live in. Apprently, 50$ of Miamian’s (you know, people from Miami) are unaware food deserts are a problem in the US—- and considering how many farmers markets we visit on our day trips to Miami, I can understand why they find it difficult to believe. But whether we see the problem in front of us, or believe it or not, the problem is right here in our own country. 

Besides promoting more farms and supporting more local farmers in your area— what can you do to help? Well, Wholesome Wave is partnering with Naked Juice with another #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign. For every fruit and veggie self shared on social media (with the tag #DrinkGoodDoGood), Naked Juice will donate 10 pounds of produce to communities in need. Pretty nice, right? And easy! Last year when they did it, I went crazy and tagged like 15 fruit photos, haha! Fruit selfies for everyone! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend—- get out and explore some forms or markets and take some fruit selfies, k? Happy friday!

Le Petite Fromage + Vous Pourriez Tomber

Alex and I are off to France today/tomorrow (depending on when you read this)! Our last trip for this summer It's so crazy--- I didn't really go into this summer thinking I would travel the whole time--- though I undeniably wanted to (of course) (always)! But here I am--- getting on my ninth(?!?) plane this summer?!

It's just also crazy because I feel like I'm going to be in and out of here a lot over the next few months too. But for now, this is the last trip I actually have plane tickets booked for--- for now that could change in an hour ;) I'm opening up all my travel apps + calendar everyday lately to try to figure out fall.  Definitely hoping to make it up to VT for a weekend in October for a friends wedding--- just need to figure out if Alex and/or Marlowe will be joining for that. Then back to Guatemala soon right after-- but we'll see how it all goes. Right now, I have to get my head ready for France.

I've been really good about the whole flying thing too. I didn't have any problems on any of the flights I went on this summer. I'm definitely hoping I'll be able to sleep on this flight to France though. The flight leaves at 10pm! A total overnight trip for sure-- and I'm wishing I still drank so I could knock myself out, heh. Speaking of which, I am hoping to maybe drink one night in France. Probably for the second night of the wedding-- the party night. Did I mention we're going to a wedding? It's in a castle. And knowing my friend Brittany-- I imagine it's going to be beyond grand, with a ton of fun surprises too. She always thinks of everything. I'm so very much looking forward to celebrating her + her future hubby. So yeah, I might be giving alcohol another go-- because when else will I be partying in the wine region of France in a sequined ball gown and/or a Hawaiian dress. Yes-- Hawaiian dress-- the second night's dress code is "beret/Hawaiian shirt". Well, Hawaiian romper to be more specific... one that went on sale a week or two after a bought it. Frustrating, haha. Anywayyyy, yeah, the whole wedding thing is going to be out of this world.

I was kind of nervous about this france trip. Mostly because I know so little about France.
We'll be staying in Paris and Dijon the entire time. And well, I know nothing about both. And you guys know me pretty well by now, I like to have a good list of local places I want to visit when traveling. And I love a good map. But with this--- I don't know, it just seems so different than most of the places I often travel to. Last week I asked for recommendations on places to visit (on instagram)--- and you guys gave me SO many amazing suggestions. And then you know what happened? Alex and I looked at the list and got even more overwhelmed! haha! But the reality is that I also like to wander without a big agenda. I like to have my lists and order, but in no way do I ever require it to have a happy trip. I like to think I'm also quite talented at winging it ;)

I've been saying that I'm going to use this time to wander, look up, look down, find delicious things to eat, and enjoy the gorgeous weather. I'm not sure what we'll run into or see, but I'm looking forward to just letting the vacation magic happen. A few days after this decision to 'not plan, just wander' Alex put on a No Reservations episode in Paris and Anthony Bourdain said the best thing to do in Paris is just wander without a plan-- and so of course, I feel even better about my choice now ;) My plan is perfect.

France feels so much more foreign than traveling to the Caribbean or Spanish speaking areas. I have a tendency to try to speak in Spanish whenever we travel and the primary language isn't english. It gets confusing. Then I realize I'm not speaking the right language at all, get flustered, take minute, and screw up in English too. Heh. y french is GREAT (please feel the sarcasm radiating out of the screen on that one). I know how to say hello, goodbye, goodnight, I love you, I adore you, the little cheese, be careful or you'll fall down, the black cat, please and thank you. So basically I can say "hello little cheese, I love you" or I can find a black cat in the night to be friends with and say "little black cat, be careful or you'll fall down. i adore you, goodnight." I just have to figure out how to say "no butter, milk, or any dairy please." and I think I'm good to go.... haha.

Joking aside, I'm super excited. And mostly not nervous. My mom is in town watching over the little monkey child, + jerry, + chickens. Marlowe will be super busy being a badass in school. We have three gorgeous studio spaces booked to stay in. A dream weekend to celebrate with friends. And I'll be taking countless steps up and down two beautiful cities in France--- where Alex jokes that I'll be confusedly asking everyone for papaya or pineapple ;) Should be an amazing week :)

<3<3 Happy monday, friends! Have a great week!

*candid photo where I don't look completely insane by my friend, Celia D Luna during our Guatemala trip (eeeeeee!)