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C. Difficile (C. Diff.) / Gut Repair Supplment + Book Resource Guide

Hi friends. It's the weekend, and I neve really post on the weekend, but here it is... a post. While I realize most of you don't and won't have c. diff---- some of you will. Or you will have family and friends who are dealing with c. diff. If you haven't checked out my post on what to eat and not eat on c. diff, I'd highly recommend that too. I truly hate that so many people email me for c. diff advice. Not that I hate the emails or giving advice-- I'm super happy that I can offer even the smallest bit of help, but I hate that so many people are suffering from this deadly and unnecessary antibiotic superbug. I'm hoping this post will help bring a bit more help to those looking for it. And of course, my email is always open too.

I'm going to go ahead and say it for every one of these posts, but I'm not a doctor. What I am offering here is support and advice that has worked for me in my trial and errors of c. diff and gut healing. My gut is still not 100% perfect. C. diff can cause life long damage to your body... but that being said, overall I do feel exponentially better than I did before. Go with you gut instinct-- it's there for a reason. If something doesn't feel right, trust that feeling! Here are the things that helped me, hopefully they help you too!

Ps. I'm totally one of those people that think it's better to skip the processed stuff... even the "healthy pills" and opt for whole natural food to fill and recover your body. But I know c. diff tremendously depletes and destroys so much that it's really not easy to naturally fix everything. You body doesn't absorb stuff like it used to and it wont for a while. So I understand the place in turning to processed supplements for support. All that being said, these are all my as natural as possible recommendations. The last thing your body needs is more toxins to process-- it's already struggling to rid itself of c. diff. If you go out and buy supplements for your gut, try to buy the ones with the least added in ingredients. K? Cool.


A good soil based probiotic- theres a lot of conversation out there about different types of probiotics. Quality, quantity, variety, etc. THIS one has 100% hands down worked best for me. My body and stomach functions best with it. The first three days of taking it my body detoxed pretty hard and I felt flu like and sick-- three to five days later my stools were normal again for the first time in over a month. I still take this probiotic daily.

If you're in the middle of fighting off c. diff, then your doctor probably recommended for you take s. boulardii. If not, they should have. It's been shown to do extra damage in fighting off c. diff spores.

DGL powder- (licorice root): great for gut repair. You can buy in capsules too, but I've found that most have added fillers that you don't want to add to your body. Make sure to find one that is pure DGL. I also like the powder because it's super easy to add to a smoothie and doesn't taste terrible or anything like that. Here's an article about licorice root if you want to read more about it. I used to also add a bit to Marlowe's smoothies when she used to have that awful preschool cough. It definitely helps.

Slippery elm powder- similar to DGL powder, slippery elm is very soothing on your gut. Super natural too.

Spirulina Powder- this is great to take overall, c. diff or not. It's a great detoxifier for your body. If you haven't already tried it, it does take some getting use to as far as taste, but overall it's a really, really good thing for your body.

I'm slightly hesitant to add these last two as one of them I never personally tried, but have been suggested a lot lately, and the other I tried, and while it has it's positive traits, it also has it's negatives too. But I'll list them and you can do your research and see if they would be a good supplement addition to your healing time:

MSM- So I haven't personally tried MSM so I can't say with certainty if I'm for or against it, but it appears to be a seemingly good and safe product. MSM is known for it's joint pain, but it's been said to help repair the gut as well.

L-Glutamine- is an amino acid found naturally in your body. You body needs it to function. And it has been said to help with leaky gut and aid in balancing mucus production in your gut. The down side is that recent research has shown that cancer and tumors feeds off excess L-glutamine in the body. So while it can be good, go forward with caution and in moderation.


Self Healing For Crohn's And Colitis- I found this book tremendously helpful in terms of diet and healing. My thinking is that if the die and lifestyle changes listed in the book could heal crohns or colitis, then it could certainly help aiding in gut repair post c. diff. I was right. The changes I made after reading this book made an enormous difference in my overall health.

The Body Ecology Diet- this book and the suggestions made are less extreme than the other book, and maybe not as powerful, but this book is still helpful regardless. And a good resource for anyone who has recently been on antibiotics. I've one dose of antibiotics can alter your entire microbiome for an entire year-- and if you've been battling c. diff you know how powerful and high dosage of antibiotics you've been taking-- you're obviously set up for some serious damage. This book can help with that.

80/10/10- another great resource for the ideal diet of natural probiotic rich foods.

I had an incredibly amount of really terrible side effects and symptoms post c. diff, for MONTHS. While sometimes really *out there* this book, Medical Medium helped understand those symptoms and offered reassurance the diet changes I was making were for the best.

Alright friends-- as a second reminder: I'm not a doctor (and I dont play one on tv). This is just my personal thoughts and opinions and things that works for me. If interested, you can see all my post c. diff food posts HERE.  <3<3<3 I hope this helps some people out there in the world!

Life | I Want To Live Outside

Hiiii friends! I've been sloppy with posting lately. I used to post every night around 11 pm or every morning at 7 am, like clock work, but lately I just can't get on a schedule. I mentioned it before, but I think the biggest thing that has contributed to my lack of consistent blogging is my new abundance of sleep... so like, even though it makes me sort of lazy, it's really just a good thing. I could use some extra sleep right now. I've been teeth grinding a bit more this week (a year later, I still do that everyday since my visit to the hospital). Still not sure what it is-- not parasites, not stress, seemingly not anything else. But anyway, I'm on a sleep tangent.

Things are good. I know I keep saying it, but the weather is great. Marlowe still wants to be home schooled. My life is still sort of all over the place. And I still just want to travel every day and obsessively look up flights each week. Thinking west coast is on my agenda for upcoming trips. Yeah, things are good. I have a lot to say and nothing to say at the same time. I'll write more later. For now, I want to get off the computer and get outside-- basically my life mission lately. Honestly, thats my biggest pull to Guatemala-- that all the houses are strutted to use natural air instead of AC, that the windows are just open, that you feel like you're outside, even when you're inside. I wrote about it before, but the living in one box and driving in another box to visit another box thing drives me nuts. So I am grateful when the weather cools down enough here to keep the windows open at least most of the time.  I was too sick to enjoy it last year. So you better believe I'm soaking in every bit of it this year. Life is short, enjoy it.

a walk down a mountain after driving up a mountain. see more photos: HERE

That's Miss Celia-- the photographer of this post. I got to see her face yesterday too. overtime I basically just try to convince her to live next to me. YOU CAN DO IT.

chocolate haters, but gilmore girl lovers.. I guess we can hang. 

just like me... always finds the animal she can pet. 

Being super tuned out and lazy at Molly's house. 

luna y luna. 

more outside please. 

my lady.

Celia and I both saw a psychic yesterday. One of those ones with a table set up on the sidewalk. It was random, but fun. The psychic took paypal, so it made sense. Haha. She said some interesting thingssssss.

Hope you guys are having a great week! I'm going to run and take care of errands (more uniforms for Marlowe, bananas for me, etc etc.) then be outsideeeeee.

ps. Sharing c. diff resources this week. Super exciting, right? Nah, but maybe hopefully for those of you with loved ones fighting it. Hopefully.

See more guatemala photos: HERE.
And more c. diff. posts: HERE.
And a baby goat post: HERE, because I wa just scrolling through my blog looking for something and Alex stopped me to say, "wait, was that just a whole post on a baby goat?" YES, YES IT WAS.

Happy thursday!

photos by celia d. luna.

Make Friday! (Another) Super Easy Handmade DIY

Hi friends! How is your week going? We did end up going to to the drive in tonight-- not banana cream pie yet -- but we did by the ingredients needed to make it though! I can't believe wednesday is coming up. This week was so busy and fast and slow at the same time. I've been sort of emotional today. I mean, it's primarily hormones, but I also do feel pretty overwhelmed by everything going on in the world and in the US right now. As mentioned, we don't really have plans to celebrate thanksgiving-- and I feel really good about that. And we're obviously not going o be standing in any early morning lines or late evening thursday lines to buy things. Marlowe and I have actually been crafting like crazy lately. Coloring, pom poms, photo frames, and now our own little planter. When we were parting with pieces in our dining room, Marlowe brought up a christmas tree. When I told her we wouldn't begetting a christmas tree this year, just like last year, she asked, "well can we atlas buy a tree to plant again, and maybe decorate that? maybe a banana tree again?" And I was like, "sure kid, lets do a rosemary bush!"

And thats what we did. If you haven't noticed, I'm all about the super easy (and cheap) DIYS right now. But their fun, and easy enough o accomplish in one fun time period-- and not overwhelming-- so basically their a win all around yeah?

So you know how I told you guys about Orchard Hardware a few weeks ago? They're opening more and more stores in Florida-- and slowly creeping their way closer to West Palm. Well, this friday they are hosting a "Make Friday" event. You can head into Orchard Hardware and make some craft fun! On friday you can choose to create your own terra-cotta mini "christmas tree" (aka) rosemary bush planter and/or mason jar luminaria and/or fun kids craft (paint stick snowmen and reindeer!). Depending on how the weather is and how we feel, we might be making the kids craft this week too :) So yeah, if you're near an Orchard Hardware, skip the Black friday lines and head in to MAKE something this friday! Either way here's a second fun and easy DIY you guys can make this week :)

Orchard has a pretty killer garden center-- and had some of the cutest decorating decor too.

And and duh, did I mention it here? We got to meet the Scott Brothers (from the show, Property Brothers, duh) for the book signing! My family all freaked out, haha. But yeah, they were super sweet! Marlowe was super shy (as always) but they we're sweet and tried to get her unsay and get her to smile :) It was cool-- my biggest regret was not snap chatting with them (and asking them to be my friend).

After we met the guys we picked up all the supplies we needed to make our painted planter for our christmas bush :) The reality is the rosemary bush comes wrapped cute enough that you don't need to do anythingggg to it, but we really like painting projects around here :) And we can re-use the planter when the bush ends up going in the ground (and into my soup). So yeah, I let Marlowe paint away.

Then as the paint dried (we brought the pot outside to dry faster-- but its substantially warmer here than it is most places), we started making loops for the OHS ornaments.

About 20-30 minutes later, our planter was ready and Marlowe had at it with a gold sharpie.

The hung the ornaments and voila, the cutest christmas tree--- that be be re-used, planted, and eaten. :)

Alright friends, I'm off! If you're feeling crafty-- or like you want to garden or anything, definitely head over to Orchard Hardware this friday where you can take part in some fun Make Friday activities! I hope you're having a great week and have an even better week ahead <3<3

*this post is sponsored by orchard hardware

A (SUPER EASY) (But Really Wonderful) (And Pretty) Handmade Gift DIY + GIVEAWAY!

Hi friends! How are you? How was your weekend? The weather here was amazingggggg. This weekend was incredibly busy, eventful, and truly tiring-- but good. Honestly, I'm really looking forward to Marlowe not having school and all week and Alex having the next three days off. I haven't made any holiday plans whatsoever. I didn't even know that Alex had it off until yesterday! My brother invited us over and I said I would come under the condition that I could show up in my pajamas and not do anything. I'm a great sister, ya?

Our yard sale went really well!I had never done one before so I didn't know what to expect. It was definitely A LOT of work and felt crazy to wake up before the sun to start bringing things into our yard, but all in all it was good. It was cool to meet a lot of local readers--- I just wish I could be more coherent this weekend-- I feel like my brain is too on and my body is too off (if that makes any sense_ -- both have been pretty glitchy, haha.

Everyone knows we don't have a TV, yah, but it was definitely the yard sale that brought to my attention how little electronics we really have! Computer, phones, a speaker, one iPad: check. But Thats sort of it. I  did get this HP sprocket recently, which is pretty much the radest thing. I REALLY wish I had had it before Guatemala-- because it would have ben PERFECT for Marlowe's daily journal. But regardless, its so freaking cool. Basically an updated version of a polaroid. Except you don't have to worry about printing out crappy photos, haha. You get to choose what you want to print and not print! (And the film is way cheaper too). Want a chance to win one? Keep reading!

The HP sprocket connects to your phone via bluetooth and then connect to your photos or any of your acoail media accounts to print photos directly! And the photos are tricky-backed so, if you'd like, you can stick them anywhere.... like, the fridge, a notebook, your dogs head, wherever.

As you guys know, we've been slowly phasing out christmas-- and other holidays over here for a while now. But we're still all about thoughtful gift giving-- not because a season or holiday expects us to, but because, it's a nice way to show you care! And some of the best gifts? They're handmade. The HP sprocket is a super useful tool to create wonderful personalized handmade gifts for people. Marlowe and I started making a few different gifts together with the sprocket-- but I thought I should share, by far,  the easiest one-- that you can make in seconds to give to family or friends.

You'll need:
-a thin would board (mine was 12 x 6 inches to fit three photos on it)
-photo clips (make sure to find ones with holes for screws and nails)
-thick card stock paper (we went with black)
-small screws
-a screw driver
-the HP sprocket (duh)

How to:
-pick your favorite photos and print! peel backing and stick to your card stock paper
-cut card stock paper to reveal a boarder around photo
-if you'd like it, and depending on your wood, it might be a good idea to sandpaper the edges
-with a ruler, mark the very center of your wood board and careful screw in your first screw. I'd recommend screwing in the screw a bit first, without the clip, then unscrewing, and placing clip. Does this make sense? Basically pre-make a hole-- because it can be tricky to make the whole with the clip in place.
-place first photo in clip.
-take your ruler and measure from the edge of that photo to the edge of the wood board and measure your middle point again. repeat steps above on both sides.
-and voila the cutest, changeable photo board to gift!





We left this wood board white. But our others ones are colorful! Play with it-- or let your kid decorate it as they would like to match your photos and the gift recipients personality :) We left it clean and simple for my mom-- but for my own pace I'd probably do a bright yellow board :)

Want to win an HP Sprocket of your own?! Post a holiday inspired photo on instagram and tag @HP and #ReinventMemoriesContest Winner will be announced December 2nd! Hooray!

Hope you guys are having an amazing week!

We're probably drive in-ing tonight and creating a raw vegan banana cream pie tomorrow. Super exciting week, I know ;) 

*this post is sponsored by HP

We're Having A Yard Sale! | West Palm Beach, FL

Hola friends! So we're doing it: yard sale-ing!  Unless it down pours of course-- but knock on wood, the weather has been great. So we're doing it. Sunday morning/afternoon-- hoping to have most of the stuff laid out by 8 am for people to come shop. Packing up around 2ish. Miss Marlowe might even have a lemonade stand too. But when I offered her the suggestion of a lemonade stand, she said, "but sugar isn't good for people" and I said, "you're right, we're going to use raw honey"--- so there might be that :)

If you're local and looking for gently used goodies, we've got it. Just shoot me an email (ohdeardrea@gmail.com) and I can send over more info. Or if you've living far away but have been eyeing some (not heavy or hard to ship items) feel free to email me and inquire! Seriously, I'm totally open. Check out the home section HERE to see items we might still have around. So yeah, sunday morning, come shop!

And of course, whether you're here or not, I hope you have an amazing and sunny weekend! Mine is going to be bussssssssy. Marlowe and I were actually supposed to go to a space launch-- but then I realized I double booked. Book. Next time hopefully. Until then, I'll be around and running around and hopefully selling some things too. Happy friday, friends!

photo by hannah mayo.