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Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, & Happy Mother's Day!

Happy friday!

What do you guys have planned this weekend? We're sort of all over the place. I've been making plans on top of plans lately and then doing about a quarter of them. Which totally works for me. We might have friends over. We might head to Miami. We might make a cactus garden on the front lawn. Who knows! So many possibilities, right?!

All over the place lately. This California trip is giving me anxiety too! So many options! But I have had some decent food recommendations and I got a phone call today with a really good list of other places to check out (thank you, ellen). But I don't know... because I'm so overwhelmed by the shortness of this trip I'm thinking that maybe a week after we come back (when Marlowe gets out of school), I'll just plan an even longer trip somewhere (girls trip, her and I).  Somewhere totally rad--  who knows, maybe even back to California, haha. The only thing I know for this upcoming trip is that we have a wedding the 29th and I have half my outfit picked out-- the important part anyway, the part that covers my body. Must find dancing shoes. I really should stop babbling and start roaming airbnb for some sleep options. And maybe somebody should help me dress Alex too.... yeah? Or maybe I'll stop worrying and he can dress himself. As long has he has facial hair, I don't care what he wears to be quite honest.

Okay. Anywayyyy, I have a bunch of half posts written for next week. I have a list of recipes written down to try to document and share here too. And my email list is semi-tackled. All in all, despite the unsureness of plans, I'm feeling pretty good. (And I hope you guys are too).

Speaking of feeling good--- I get bloodworm results back tomorrow. I had a extensive test done the week before I Went into the hospital last year, and I wasn't low on anything except three amino acids. I'm curious to see where my body is now. I know I ended up being deficient in just about everything after the c. diff. I'm looking forward to finding out! Is that a weird thing to look forward to? Whatever if it is ;)

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend. And a super wonderful mothers day. I know that I for one am forever grateful that I got knocked up and ended up with such an amazing kid. She likes to remind me of how I wanted a boy and then we both laugh at how much freaking cooler it is that she's a girl. Grateful to have her as my little sidekick in life. What a weird road it was to get to right here--- but forever happy to be here.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

*photo by chelsae anne

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Simple Natural Living: My Experience + Outcome With A Mayan Abdominal Massage

Have you heard of a Mayan abdominal massage? I had heard of them a few years ago, but had never really taken a huge interest in the massage until recently (you know, with all the damn gut issues). I had debated on taking a class on the massage-- for self care, you know, doing it to yourself, about two months ago. But it was my birthday weekend and I was a bit under the weather, prepping for Mexico, and I decided I didn't want to overload myself-- fair. And honestly, I'm a sort of happy I didn't bother to take the class. Not that it wouldn't be useful, I'm sure it would, but I feel like everything worked out how it should, you know? No class to take home, but having done the massage with an actual Mayan shaman? Well, it doesn't get anymore legit than that! You know?

So while we were away in Mexico (I miss you, Mexico-- forever) Alex and I did a Temazcal ceremony (sweat lodge) (see here). We loved it--- especially the burning of the herbs. I was a bit nervous-- as I don't do well in enclosed spaces or in the dark-- and this was very obviously and intensely both those things. But after the initial panic, I was fine and grateful I went through with it. And better yet, that was not just two fears I overcame that day, but three, since I was told to cleanse in the cenote as part of the ceremony. And I did it. All of it. The woman who did the ceremony was a Mayan shaman. She was very intimidating at first. Well, actually she was intimidating in general, but the energy radiating off of her was intense and amazing. After the ceremony I nervously went up to her and in my broken spanish to talk to her. And somehow with her first language being Mayan and my first language being English, we still were able to come together to talk about "a massage for the stomach"--- the only way I could really translate it. She asked if I had stomach issues or lady issues and I told her-- both, for sure both. And that I had major bloating (at less than 100lb, I was looking 6 months pregnant that month) and I had intense symptoms before the arrival or my period. She said the massage would help. And she offered to do the massage for me. Grateful could not describe what I was feeling. And excited, so excited. I for sure believed that the universe was looking out for me. What were the chances of actually meeting someone to do the massage for me-- just a week after I had been looking into the massage? And not just someone, or anyone who had just taken a case, but a woman who's family had been practicing the massage for generations and generations. Thank you universe for that one.

You're A Good Mom

When driving to pick up Marlowe at school the other day I had a random thought about how after years of being a mom, meeting moms, dealing with my own mom(s), you quickly realize that moms are just people too. Some may not be as warm as you'd like, or as nurturing as you'd like, or as supportive as you'd like-- but that doesn't mean they're not doing they're best. Chances are they are. Just like with anything in life, we may try and try, with many failed attempts, but what really matters at the end of the day is how much you truly put your heart in, you know? And at some point you look at your own parents and see them more like *people* instead of *parents*. They're not perfect. They're flawed just like everyone else in this world. But they're doing the best they can.

I still look at my mom as someone who should mostly know best. I mean, to be honest, she usually does. Not always, but usually (love you, mom). Is she perfect? No. I mean, she has great hair, but she's far from perfect. But every single day, I can look at my mom and know that she's doing her best to support me and my family in any way she can. And for that, I can't thank her enough. 

For my mom, cards are important. She's one of those people who will stand there for-ev-er reading through every card to find the perfect one with all the right words. For me, it's a bit more simple than that. Sure, the words have to mean something, but the card has to stand out and aesthetically fit the recipient. A special card for my special mom. 

Hallmark Signature cards are fun, bright, and one of a kind--- just like my mom and all the other important women in my life ;) I'm not good at the mushy stuff, the sappy stuff, you guys very well know this-- I mean, I was just talking about it last week! But sometimes you don't need all that. Sometimes you just need a beautiful card with a note that says, "thank you for being you" or "you're a good mom." and that's it. Every day is a great day to tell the women in your life that they're awesome, but Hallmark Signature makes it that much easier on mother's day ;) 
so many awesome ladies in our life. 
I'm not perfect. And one day Marlowe will grow up and see that I'm just a person too-- a person who has done and will do everything to always support her and give her love. I may not have mushy words to tell her or write her long emotional letters, but I will support, be kind, lift her up, and love her every single day, in every other which way I know how. Because I'm forever grateful to be her mom. Moms, while they still may be human, are pretty spectacular.

I know my mom is--- and all the other awesome women in our life too. I am grateful.  

Hallmark Signature cards are available in the card isle wherever Hallmark cards are sold.
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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

homemade buckwheat cocoa puffs + blueberries in milk. From my new favorite cookbook (you know, other than my own cookbook ;) but seriously, this is going to be my new go to snack-- so much protein in those little puffs!
(both the bowl and sunglasses are from here.) 

mousetrap! I have to say, I never, not once have set this game up. not even as a child. I dont even know how to play it. 

silly girl. 

when you go to buckle your seat belt and realize, "well man, thats a lot of green stuff in my lap"

espresso and succulents. 

front porch hangs. 

just lots of stuff hanging around. 


jasmine from the backyard. smells so good. 

a rainbow on my leg and flowers on my bedside table. 

and more flowers. thanks babe. 

coloring is the best, really. our favorite coloring books

and from the other night! It was so chill--- so good! I'm happy to finally have made my backyard worthy of spending entire evenings in. ps. a surprising amount of people inquired about what disco ball I bought--- it was this one. it comes with the lights and all that jazz. we only used it once, but have zero complaints. I just wish it could always be set up-- you know, forever. But that's not really an option with any disco ball and rain! anyway, I wish I took more photos friday--- I did',t but thats okay, it'll have to happen again soon :)

Have a wonderful new week, friends!

Happy Friday!

Happy friday, friends! How are you guys doing? I'm mostly good over here. I've had self induced tummy issues all week--- ever since I went out and drank last friday. Lesson learned, my body cannot do alcohol anymore. Even if gin is anti-imflammatory, it is NOT my friend! ;) Honestly, it's sort of been a grouchy week over here. I blame the retrograde. (Always). Marlowe and I were mostly in a better mood today though, so thats good. Alex on the other hand is fighting off a cold or virus or something. I thought I was getting it for a minute yesterday, but I think I'm actually good--- that I won't get it. Knock on wood.

I do hope he feels better though! And quick! Because we decided to invite people over last minute tomorrow (friday). Nothing super crazy planned, but I did buy a disco ball. We cleared out our back pergola this week. And at one point Alex mentioned it was like a dance floor--- and so just like that, a mini dance party with, like 5 friends was decided. And a disco ball makes sense, right? ;) Haha, I'm not completely crazy though, I also bought the disco ball because Marlowe started planning her birthday party months ago and she wants a roller skating disco party--- or something like that.

Otherwise, I don't have anything special planned, but I'm looking forward to next week. This week was a bit of an emotional one for me. I just felt off--- and then I got sad news, that's been bumming me out hard. But I'm trying to focus on the good, because life is short. Too short. Oof.

I'm looking forward to crawling into bed. But also looking forward to getting out. I'm looking forward to finishing up our backyard space--- it's mostly cleaned up right now and we're getting new patio furniture in the next week or too. And I'm hoping to lounge out there beore it gets too hot. And I'm definitely looking forward to making last minute travel plans for summer. So many things feel so very up in the air right now, so there's no planning in advance for me. It seems everything will mostly be "see how it goes" summer. You know? I'm just looking forward to everything really.

The yard is clean, the house is mostly organized, I'm top of emails for the first time in a long time. I feel like the new computer has made tackling my to do list easier. It's silly, but good. It feels good to not feel so behind right now.

Okay, my mind is jello-y right now, I worked my butt off today in the yard. I hope you guys all have a great weekend-- doing whatever it is you love best and makes you happiest :)

OH AND PS, Speaking of last minute travel plans, we're heading to the LA area in the end of the may (for a friends wedding, yay!) The wedding is in/around Porter Ranch (thats a place, right?)-- do any of you LA area people have hotel/airbnb recs? We're 95% likely to take Marlowe with us too-- so kid friendly is preferred :) Thanks guys!