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Happy Things Happy Friday

If you guys have been following me for a while, then you know Alex proposed to me here in massachusetts. I mean, he proposed twice, because there was a mess of crap that happened in-between-- but sometimes thats life. And sometimes you have to work through the mess to get to the good stuff, you know? But anyway, the first time he proposed, well, that was here in Massachusetts.

And two years later, we spent a good whole day driving around-- trying to find that same spot. After a few hours of mindless (but enjoyable) driving, we came back home unsuccessful. I mean, how does one find a completely random house that has a small blueberry farm in the backyard? Well, apparently: by chance. Twice.

Sometimes things just work out. And sometimes they don't. In the midst of all this health crap (or should I call it illness crap?), well, I was lucky enough to accidentally stumble upon this place that meant so much to us. I hate the fact that I've been in and out of doctors visits for months now (who wouldn't?) but I do appreciate the fact that if it weren't for these visits, I probably would have never found this spot again.

A bit of love and good feelings in this time.

Since finding the spot, I've memorized the directions exactly--- with my markers being nothing more than "right at the fork in the woods" and a few "when you find a blinking light, turn"--- because, who has signs in the middle of the woods? Well, who needs them anymore--- I don't.

I hope this family--- whoever they are--- sells their blueberries for a long, long time. And I hope that next time we visit Massachusetts, we can all come here together--- Alex, marlowe, and myself. I'm looking forward to finally being able to show Marlowe this sweet little spot. And I hope she enjoys it as much as Alex and I have.

I left a note in the payment jar (with blueberry payment too) with my six year old hand-writing. 

Anyway, I hope this serves as a little happy reminder that sometimes good things come out of bad experiences. I know it did for me.  A pleasant moment of serendipity.

You can see our first (engagement) visit HERE--- with my short hair and bushy eyebrows in all their glory.
Happy friday, everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!

(love you babe. see you soon.)

Bandhani: Our Tie Dye Lesson In India

Cooking In Massachusetts

Since starting to feel a little bit better, it's been nice to get back into the kitchen. My mom and sometimes Alex (when he's been around) have done most of the cooking--- or at the very least, most of the prep work and I handle the sautéing and seasoning from there (I like things heavily seasoned). It feels good to stand on my own two legs again and do some of the things I enjoy. It's always incredibly frustrating when I can't handle 200% of things all by myself--- and this summer was no exception. I have learned to get better in letting other people help me, but man it's nice to need less help nowadays.

Since coming to Massachusetts, we've gotten two separate Blue Apron boxes--- and they've become a huge topic of conversation around here. My mom and step dad had seen them on my blog but had never actually given Blue Apron a try until now--- but now they are officially obsessed. My mom wouldn't stop raving about the quality of everything... and I was all like, I know mom, I told you, you didn't listen. I think my mom plans to order boxes for my step dad when she's away. He's not incredibly savvy in the kitchen and ends up eating a lot of frozen meals or take out when she's gone... so this really feels like the new perfect and healthy alternative to all that. No shopping, no guessing, nothing frozen, just ingredients that show up refrigerated at the door. And then all he (or you) have to do is follow a step by step easy recipe to make a delicious meal. He's an engineer--- I think he can handle that ;)

We're thankful all the meals that came in our Blue Apron this round were summer friendly--- they plan that, our first one was last summer and everything was no oven, grill friendly. Minimum heating and lighter fresher meals to match this intense heat. I'm grateful to have a kitchen with windows to cook in! Seriously though, my moms kitchen style is basically the exact opposite of mine, but every time I cook in it it has me dreaming of making over my own.

I'm glad to have this moments up here with my family --- oh, and of course it's been amazing to eat outside ;)

Want to try Blue Apron yourself? (Pst. mom) Order now, the first 50 people to sign up get their first two meals FREE by using THIS link! Hooray!

Have a family? The family plan is perfect for a family of four. You can choose to have one or two deliveries a week, each consisting of two family style meals. And each meal comes out to 8.74 per person-- and always free shipping

Only one or two people in your home? The 2-person plan gives you three meals, delivered once a week and is 9.99 per meal (yes, free shipping too!)

ps. Texas folk, Blue Apron has finally come to Teaxs! Food party.

pps. my mom says my shirt makes me look pregnant. I'm not. Though wouldn't that be funny, if I came back and was like, "SURPRISE?!" No? Okay. ;) 

Hi Tuesday

Just popping in to say 'hey hey.' I was feeling a bit under the weather again yesterday and some of this past week--- the reassuring (though not great thing) is that I haven't been alone in it. Seems miss M and my mom have been fighting off something too. Which obviously isn't great news, but at least I know it's just my immune system battling back and not whatever else. My friend Katie and her boyfriend Marcus took a summer time sick hit last week too. And Alex--- all the way in florida-- even came down with something nasty too. I told him, I'm fighting it off from too facetime with his sick face haha.

I don't think I'll actually get sick--- or Marlowe or my mom too, I've been pumping vitamin C into our bodies like crazy this month. My body is extra sensitive now though and any little jab and my body tells me 'BED NOW'. The plan for today is emails, a hot hot bath, and whatever other activities Marlowe wants to do. I'm just enjoying as much quiet time indoors as I can lately. Open windows, decent weather air, and all that jazz before heading back to the heat and AC of Florida.

Oh and before I go, if you guys haven't seen the movie The Book Of Life, Marlowe and I watched it yesterday. It was so adorable! I don't know why it took us so long to watch it. I totally recommend it. I haven't liked a movie (kids or otherwise) that much in a while :)

Well, I'm off for my morning oatmeal and tea. Have a wonderful tuesday, friends! I still have a whole weeks of post coming your way-- I just wanted to come say hi in the meantime ;) 

Where Do You Want To Go?

*this post is sponsored by Booking.com

Summer is the typical travel time for us since it's the slow season for Alex. I pretty much ruined this summer (sorry babe), but I'm still, every day, no matter how I'm feeling, thinking about where I could go--- now, later, one day, whenever. I wonder if that urge to travel will ever stop for me. Right now, I'm going to say no.
I've used a lot of this Massachusetts time for reading-- A LOT of time actually. Which has been great. I always say I'm going to read on vacations, but I end up doing waaaay too many other things (not complaining). But this time, I've had no choice but to slow down. In the moments that I have my phone on me, I'm usually responding to text messages. Which usually revolves around two things: health updates or travel plans or both. But since my health has been slowly getting better, the focus seems to primarily be on travel plans. Every day that has a bit of health increase has me more hopeful for booking trips.
Have you guys heard of the Booking.com app? Or the Booking Now app? I'm OBSESSED. I'd say I now spend a HUGE chunk of my extra time looking for hotels, b&b's, and other adorable places to stay. I'm scrolling through all the options and photos looking for places in Sayulita Mexico, Merida Mexico, Antigua Guatemala, New Mexico (I want to go on a health retreat), and whatever other random places pop into my mind--- hell, I'd take a staycation in south Florida with Alex. Further down the road, a trip to France (August 2016), Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. But really, take me anywhere and I'm happy.
Our upcoming California trip has been discussed a bit-- will it happen? Will it not? But right now, I'm kind of like, well, what's the worse that can happen? Let's just do it. You know? Life's too short for the back and forth and unsureness, sometimes you just gotta do it. I know it's harder to drop everything as we age, and kids are in the picture, and job responsibilities, but I miss the go. I'm making it a point to do more spur of the moment trips when I get back home. Even if it's just for a quick overnight-- there's no reason not to.  Yes, health is still slow, but I'm planning to go on more trips. Where are you guys dreaming of going?

Wing everything, except your accommodation.

Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

looking for antique gems... found one, bought one, it's waaay to big to fit in a suitcase. 

window scenes. 

hey booger. 

gorgeous days. 

when alex comes to visit during mango season....


cutest garden shop.

well, thats one way to do it. 

stuff and stuff.


my dinner dates.... a nice pair (x2)

love her forever. despite everything, this kid has had a great summer. 

haven't done one of these posts in a while. and these are obviously a bit older, as Alex isn't here right now, but hey, thats okay! still enjoyed! have a great weekend, friends!