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Today I'm Thankful...

Today I am thankful because I will be spending the day with Alex, in Mexico once again. And better yet, because after coming back from our honey moon, over two years ago, I promised Marlowe we would bring her here. And we finally are. And even if it's for a short while n(to even a full day), it's happening. I don't care what the holiday is, or day is, or what we're 'supposed' to be doing to celebrate, I'm thankful to be doing this today. So very grateful.

I'm also thankful that I've been feeling really well this past week. Head is good. Stomach is decent. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thankful for a little health.

Whatever you're celebrating today (or not), I hope you find something you're thankful for today, tomorrow, and always.

see more tulum/honey moon photos: HERE

Little Bits Of Decorating Sparkle

*This post is sponsored by Target

I really like pieces that are interchangeable--- that I can move from one part of our home to another, with little hassle. Colors, seasons, patterns, whatever,  I want it all to flow easily. You guys know we're not too much into holiday decorating around here. Maybe a pumpkin (or squash) for halloween, more greenery for thanksgiving, and a tiny shiny tree for Christmas. Well, we did a bit more of the Christmas decorating before, when M was teeny tiny, but as time has gone by, we've seen how that does't necessarily make a lot of sense for our family. I've said it before, but I like things to mostly be practical. Not everything, but a good amount of things. (My piƱata filled with sparkles or my sparkle dress collection will never be practical, I know.)
For this holiday season, I wanted things to fit within our life, but still have a slight holiday vibe. And, with the exception of our vintage Christmas glassware, nothing screams Christmas but, rather, gently supports it. 

On our last trip to Target for holiday goodies, we picked up a few more festive dinnerware pieces that could work for the holidays AND beyond. I mixed and matched them with our antique goodies, and a few other gifted or long-owned pieces we have around here. Little speckles of red and gold and deeper blues and greens to create a fun, festive, non-floral table setting. :)

I'm so in love with these little side plates. I imagine GIANT chocolate chip cookies sitting on top of them.

Woody napkin rings. 
(and turmeric-stained fingers)

A simple table cloth with gold shimmery plaid + shiny blue votive holders. 

And Alex picked herbs (and ferns) from the garden for decor pieces--- edible and pretty ;) 

And when we're done, everything can be neatly placed with our other things--- no need to store it away for next year. Perfect for the holidays, perfect for July, perfect for whenever!

Find your style @TargetStyle 

And We're Off...

We're taking off on a little family vacay this week. Hoping to take Marlowe to the pyramids (ruins) of Tulum, eat Ital food in Jamaica, and do whatever other fun adventures come our way. I'm staying hopefully that I'll feel well enough to do most anything I want. And I'm continuously reminding myself that I need to try to sleep as often as I can. That the person who once happily slept 6 hours a night is no more-- and I do better with 12. Insert wide eyed *holy crap* emoji--- but seriously, I require a lot of sleep these days. And I'll be allowing myself to get acupuncture treatments as necessary ;)

I'm super happy Alex got the week off so we could do this. It's not super common for it to happen during season in the tourist industry, but it did and we're grateful. I've packed a suitcase with coloring books (our favorite), a mindfulness program book, and a bikini.

I recently stumbled upon our old california vacation photos. I die of happiness each time I see them. They're really some of my favorite photos. It makes me more excited to get out there with my family, adventure, and hopefully get a few good shots in there along the way <3

I have some colorful posts scheduled for this week-- I hope you'll check them out :) And of course, I'll still be on instagram too. For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful day. And if you're interested, you can always check out my big post on vegan Holiday dishes :) And if you haven't yet, you can always pre-order my cookbook! It'll be here in LESS THAN A MONTH! Crazy, right? I hope you have a great week, guys. As always, I'm thankful you're here and somehow part of my life-- I don't know how I got so lucky with that, really.

Happy new week, friends. 

Essential Oils...For a PERIOD of Time {Hormone Regulation Tips}

I wrote a whole long intro to this post, but decided to save my personal period conversation for another day and let this post be here for the purpose of helping you guys in your possible period woes.

I mean, know the internet is probably tired of hearing about essential oils-- but I personally use them (quite a few different brands!) and I find quite a few benefits in a lot of them! And I think you guys will too. But since I don't know much about oils in regards to lady things, I asked my friend Erica-- who knows ALL THE THINGS about oils to share her knowledge. If you can't tell by the photo below, I met Erica in India. One of the 12 strangers who flew across the world to do all things I (and they) wanted to do in India. She brought her favorite oils to India-- and I brought mine too (SO MUCH lemongrass for bug spray!). She creeped us out by adding oils to our water, where we questioned, is this chick going to poison us and kill us in India? But the answer was no, she was just trying to aid in our digestion. No murder, just oil knowledge for everyone. (Thanks Erica!) Anyway, I wont keep you here longer--- here is Erica with some tips to ease in and out of your lady time with oils:

Let me begin by saying that I'm Jewish. And in Jewish tradition, when a girl gets her period for the first time, her mother, grandmother, neighbor, whoever is in the kitchen, slaps her across the face...you know, for good luck in her descent into womanhood. It's a rite of passage. My mother was slapped, as was my grandmother and her mother. But by the time I got my period in the 90's, my mom refused to smack me, in the name of not wanting to be arrested for child abuse. So instead of getting slapped, all I got was a lousy, mumbled "Mazel Tov" from my grandmother, speaking with a full mouth of bagel and lox. Lame.

OK, I was 11 years-old when I got my first period, which makes a total of 211 periods, and counting, always lasting anywhere from 6 to what seems like 547 days. For the last 3 years I've been using Pure Therapeutic-Grade essential oils for everything in my emotional, physical and spiritual life. They support me every day, and especially during that week I have to make a conscious decision to not persecute my mother for not texting me back, scream at my Yoga teacher for *almost* no reason and burst into tears when I walk into a room and can't remember why. I experience all these things, plus intense cramps, fatigue, headaches and feelings of nervousness and what I like to call the "Deep Blues".

If you're unfamiliar with how essential oils can help in more ways than just smelling something nice, you've come to the right place. As the immune system of a living plant, Essential Oils are very powerful and a single dose is ONLY 1-4 drops. (I wish someone stressed that to me, before I dumped almost an entire bottle of lavender on my sunburn 3 years ago.)

You can use all of the oils below separately or you can use them in a blend with a roll-on for easy application. This is what I do because I like the convenience of the application. I also use Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang separately to get more hormonal relief.  You can apply these oils topically to the back of the neck, on temples, and/or the bottoms of feet. (The feet have the largest pores of the body.) If need be, dilute with fractionated coconut oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. Be sure to find an essential oil brand you trust and one that is considered Therapeutic Grade.

According to the FDA, I can’t tell you here on the blog the brand of oils I personally use, but what I can do is send you a follow-up email letting you know my personal recommendation. Just email me at: EJacobsCoach@gmail.com or visit my website: EJacobsCoach.com

Frankincense, the "Grandfather of Oils", is the highest, most powerful anti-inflammatory. Frankincense oxygenates the blood and promotes clarity of mind, eases feelings of anxiousness and is a natural pain reliever. We say in the business, When in doubt, Frank it. Even though I'm Jewish, I always, say: If Frankincense was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me.

+Clary Sage:
Clary Sage is often used to help balance estrogen and other hormones related with PMS symptoms. It is not to be used while pregnant, unless trying to induce labor, as it relaxes the Uterus and pelvic floor.

Geranium has been used for inflammations, heavy menstrual flow and severe digestive issues. It has also been said to be a remedy for bone fractures, tumors and wounds. It aids in feelings of depression, hormonal imbalance and sleep issues and works as a cleanser for oily skin!

A natural diuretic, Grapefruit essential oil aids the body in ridding excess water. It is a natural stimulant, hormone & mood stabilizer and aids in premenstrual tension, stress and building a healthy body image.

Lavender has soothing properties and is often used to help balance and calm emotions associated with PMS.  I absolutely love lavender. I even diffuse it throughout the day to help me get through a regular workday without biting anyone.

+Ylang Ylang:
Ylang Ylang has calming and sedative properties, as well as balances hormones and mood.  Ylang Ylang is also known as a natural aphrodisiac. ;-)

These are just a few of the many, MANY oils great for hormone and female support. Essential Oils are my dear friends and I'm constantly slathering them on the people I love. They are accessible, pleasing to the nose and vital to the body. Make essential oils part of your tradition...it's almost as good as being smacked across the face.


*Erica Jacobs is a Wellness Educator and Certified Eating Psychology Counselor. As the owner of EJacobsCoach.com in Los Angeles, California Erica specializes in educating folks in the realm of Essential Oils, Small Business, Building Strong Relationships and healing from Disordered Eating/Poor Body Image.

Ohdeardrea Dreams Of India: PRE-HOLI! (Yes The Night Before Holi. Aka Fast Motorcycles With Men Carrying Large Flaming Sticks)

So in order to not put a cut on this post that would then contain 60+ photos of a 30 hour time period, I decided I would break our Holi celebrations up into three parts. The eve of Holi celebration, the day of Holi (where we looked like a creepy cult of women), and the evening of Holi, where a few girls retired for the night and the rest of us turned pink--- almost permanently. Good times in the pink city!

Really, how this story goes is: 1. Scary fire part. 2. Rainbow Holi. 3. Ladies in pink.

Warning: so many selfies.
Honestly, I'm not a selfie girl, you guys know this, but looking at all these photos makes me want to take more selfies with friends. I might work on that.

But anyway, I don't know if you guys are aware of this--- but an event with a large crowd of people that has men ZOOMING through and past you with large torches of FIRE is really rather frightening! Did you guys know this? Cause it is. It really is.

One of the best things about our India trip (besides you know, being in India) was the fact that we had a really good structured itinerary that everyone could follow.... or not. After visiting the astrologer, some of us wanted to stay out late and see what the night before Holi was all about and some of us wanted to just head back to the hotel and digest their futures--- and/or enjoy the beautiful hotel we were at. I opted to stay out. I hope to return to India one day soon, but I knew that I should take every opportunity I could, just in case I couldn't for some reason. So to celebrate I went!

Basically there are tons of hay structures set up throughout the city-- all the cities really, waiting to be set on fire for a bon-fire celebration. People walk around and decorate. There's dancing, singing, color everywhere. There are also ladies waiting with slather everyones face with dye. No one is without color. You're there? You're colorful. Thats how it amazingly works. My once white shirt? Still pink. Forever pink.

And lots of kiddos too. Happily playing along. 

Our new rainbow loving friends--- happily covering us in all the colors. 
(A good time to mention, I don't know who took half these photos. Either Erica or Alexis I think. Thank you to whichever of you ladies I stole these pictures from <3<3 )

I made everyone feet selfie with me. Thanks guys. 

we're happy.. but then.. wait for it.

The motorcycles come speeding by--- men with torches in the air--- and people running on top of the hay pile to grab the giant greenery stick on top before lighting the whole thing on fire. I like to call this, 'a practice in my social anxiety' :| It was fun, yes, but super nerve wracking for me. And I really have no photos of this whole motorcycle thing happening because I was too busy trying not to pee myself.

But it was a blast. We happily enjoyed for a good while--- and slowly made our way out of the crowd and further away from the bon fires as the night started setting in. Drunk people + fires typically don't make a good combo, you know? We then headed to another part of the city for night time marketing, before heading back to the hotel for colorful sleep in preparation for the next magical rainbow day.

And this couple? Well, I creepily watched them a whole lot. I wish I had taken a better photo of them, I'm not sure why I hesitated until the last moment. But I absolutely loved them. I'm not sure if they were Americans or where they were from, but they were just the raddest old couple. Really, what I basically envision Alex and I looking like when we grow old. They were like old traveling dead-heads or something--- not to say Alex and I will magically become dead heads, you know. But who knows their story! They enjoyed the evening, and jumped on their motorcycle and headed away. I loved them.

Well friends, this is part one. Part two probably has 60 rainbow photos and part three probably has 30 pink photos. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but probably not. Have a wonderful thursday. Only two more days until the weekend. And three more days until our family vacation <3

Welcome Home, Friends

*This post is sponsored by Target

It's so incredibly weird to think that this year is already coming to an end. It's been my longest and shortest year by far. Really, I feel like this year never happened for me-- like I skipped over it completely, which I guess is a good thing. Maybe? I'm not sure. Either way, whether we like it or not, we're already hitting the holiday season.

We don't plan to do much Christmas-ing around here; I mentioned we were mostly done with that last year. But I am looking forward to spending time with family and far-away friends who plan on visiting! In just a short three-ish weeks, my friend Hailey will be on her way here. I can't wait to show her gators, coconuts, papayas, and all the other wonderful things people think of when they think of the holidays. ;)

Okay, so people don't actually think of any of those things when they think of the holidays, but that's what we got! We'll be setting up all our guests in the guest room/ office room space. It's bright, airy, and pretty cozy (read: small). With the exception of the peg board, I typically keep it pretty simple in there. But with guests coming, it's nice to spice it up a bit and add some cozy touches to maybe convince our guests that we do in fact have some sort of holiday-ness in South Florida.

Choose happiness and a bit of gold touch. 

A good book or two to read, including the draft of my cookbook! And an essential oil book sent to me by my friend Erica, who happens to be Hailey's best friend. Fitting.

See a bit of holiday-ness! 

A snowy table runner that worked perfectly to make the coffee table a bit warmer and more comfortable. 

So we headed to Target to pick out some holiday items to add extra cheerful details. I bought a giant basket, because we love baskets a bit too much over here. I filled it with Christmas things, such as a copper Christmas tree, a gold speckled candle, and a gingerbread candle--- and I added two beautiful pieces from India-- a little mix and match. You guys might remember, from the best post ever, that I actually met Hailey IN India! Despite how different the things are, they fit perfectly together. 

And a bushel of rosemary from the garden makes the room smell extra wonderful. It's basically a christmas tree, right? :)

Happy Wednesday, friends.

Find your style @TargetStyle.